Warwickshire Police is piloting a scheme encouraging children to dispose of fake identification cards.

Anybody found using a fake ID in Kenilworth will likely be allowed at hand it in voluntarily with out threat of a fine.

Officers are working with Kenilworth College which has put up posters discouraging pupils using the cards.

The results of alcohol consumption are being mentioned in class with employees warning pupils that using fake ID could get them into bother with the police.
The playing cards are offered on websites usually costing from £10 to £50.


‘Anti-social behaviour’

Performing Sgt Chris Cambray mentioned: “Young individuals throughout the country use fake IDs to buy alcohol or enter premises licensed for the over 18s.

“In Kenilworth we believe the consumption of alcohol that follows has led to an increase in anti-social behaviour within the town.

“This isn’t acceptable and by decreasing the means to obtain alcohol and likewise by reminding licensees to examine all IDs robustly we hope to reduce nuisance within the town.”

Police warn the Forgeries Act of 1861 means mentioned anybody found using fake ID could receive a big advantageous and a prison document for life.

Anybody selling alcohol to underage children runs the risk of a advantageous and the withdrawal of their licence to promote alcohol.